Masterplanning + Urban Design

Holland Village

Competition 2018

Denton Corker Marshall was engaged by Lendlease to lead a masterplan concept for extending Holland Village, a much loved local destination in Singapore.

The masterplan proposed 10 buildings of varying scales and uses, including intimate, low-rise retail, commercial and entertainment.  Two ground planes of activated public realm and pedestrian laneways seamlessly connected into the existing village street network.  A unique range of public spaces included a public square, and amphitheatre, outdoor cinema, a lush, terracing pocket park and playground, elevated pedestrian connections and landscaped public rooftop terraces.  The architecture responds to Singapore’s tropical climate and image of a ‘City in a Garden’, with deep shaded, outdoor dining spaces, extensive facade greenery and lush landscaping.

The design was a collaboration with emerging Singaporean architectural firms, SPARK and GreenhilLi, local specialists DP Architects and leading landscape architects, Grant Associates.

Toorak Park Masterplan

Melbourne, Australia
Project 2011 – 2017

Toorak Park includes 448 one, two and three bedroom apartments along with 18 four bedroom townhouses.

The large scale development is broken down into 16 buildings to create an urban village on the 2.5 hectare site within Melbourne’s highly sought after middle ring.

Building heights range from four, through eight to 12-storeys.  The architecture is defined by the massing of buildings, with taller square blocks linked by infill connecting wings.  Tall blocks are orientated at 45 degrees to each other, creating variation in façade orientation, height and ground plane definition.  The building façades reinforce the massing as a finely detailed overlay to the forms.  Corner balconies provide lightness and transparency to the edges of the mass.

A public plaza, the civic heart of the project, will draw pedestrian movement through the site from Toorak Station.  A central green will provide a secondary, public pedestrian link from the plaza.

South Bank Brisbane Masterplan + Urban Design

Brisbane, Australia
South Bank Corporation
Project 1997 – 2011

Denton Corker Marshall was commissioned to prepare a new urban masterplan for the former 20 hectare site of Brisbane Expo ’88, located on the south bank of the Brisbane River, looking north towards the city centre.

The objective was to integrate South Bank as a living part of the city and to re-engender its internal coherence.  The masterplan focussed on the removal of its existing negative features to provide a large revitalised area including approximately 15 hectares of parklands and 5 hectares of street space and development parcels.  The linear site divides naturally into three spines: a river spine, a park spine and a street spine.

The strategy was to fill in an existing canal and replace it with a grand arbour running the length of the site; reinstate Grey Street as a functional two-way street; build Little Stanley Street overlooking the parklands; open up other streets and vistas; and build a pedestrian bridge across the river.


2000 RAIA Queensland Chapter – Civic Design Award

Longgang Masterplan

Shenzhen, China
Vanke Jiuzhou Real Estate Development Co.
Project 2008

Creation of an urban hub with multiple functions including services, retail, financial, government and residential precincts, capturing the distinctive characteristics of the urban lifestyle of southern China.  With a total gross floor area of over one million square metres, the 31 hectare site is divided into five areas.

The largest is reserved for residential apartments (including SOHO), along with retail and public amenities.  Commercial office buildings, a hotel and serviced apartments sit on a landmark site on the main road, whilst a heritage village is restored and integrated into a neighbourhood food and beverage precinct.

The masterplan aims to create a vibrant urban centre with attention to human scale, civic spaces for quality living, and connectivity to surrounding streets and transit facilities.  The design allows flexibility for phasing and implementation strategies.

A series of covered walkways runs around the edge of each site – a modern approach to the traditional five foot covered walkway.  Clear definition of retail frontages along major streets activates the public realm.

Shanghai Shi Liu Pu, South Bund Masterplan

Shanghai, China
Shanghai Land
Project 2005

A study of one of the most sensitive areas in Shanghai to provide guidelines for future development.

The masterplan considered views, pedestrian movement, vehicular access and transportation including ferry, future metro and bus routes.  Its strategic objectives were to optimise key connections to the waterfront and public park open space system; manage and improve physical and visual connections between the river and inland zones; enhance continuity of the waterfront, both visually and physically; and create a landmark development within the city.

The design proposed a high degree of site permeability with a rich pattern and scale of urban spaces including a total of 28,000m² of urban open space.  Development components included 169,000m² of high grade office accommodation.  This was arranged in eight smaller office buildings of eight to 10-storeys, reflecting the scale of the adjacent historic Bund buildings, together with a 38-storey landmark office tower.  In addition, the precinct includes a 5 Star hotel of 109,000m² and 32,200m² of retail and mixed-use space.

Chengdu International New Town Masterplan

Chengdu, China
Sunshine 100
Project 2005

Masterplan of Sunshine 100’s International New Town located on a 266 hectare riverside site in Chengdu.

The mixed-use development comprises residential, SOHO, retail and commercial components totalling over 800,000m².

Concept design for stage one comprising 247,000m² gross floor area and a central green with six 19 to 20-storey towers, leading to signature Gateway Towers marked by a linking beam, was also completed.  These towers are clad in a distinctive screen inspired by traditional Chinese screens.

Changsha International New Town Masterplan

Changsha, China
Beijing YinXin GuangHua Real Estate Development Co.
Project 2003 – 2005

Changsha International New Town is the southern part of Yuelu University Campus Town.

In 2003 Denton Corker Marshall created the masterplan for the southern section of the Campus Town, consisting mainly of accommodation for the University’s academic staff and students.

The project consists of:

– six long slab / atrium buildings placed along the main road, each containing 432 apartments over six levels;

– 13 mid-rise slab blocks and;

– a 70 metre wide grand plaza, bordered by shops and a clubhouse, and an eight lane, 50 metre swimming pool, forming the centre of the public recreation zone.

Subsequent stages have been completed in accordance with the masterplan.

Chongqing International New Town Masterplan

Chongqing, China
Sunshine 100
Project 2002

A new urban centre on the Yangtze River facing the Chongqing central business district designed to service the growing inner urban population.

The development comprises 1,200,000m² living, office, retail and leisure space with around 12,800 apartments.

By 2010 around 690,000m² gross floor area has been completed in various stages to Denton Corker Marshall’s design.

Ringwood Town Centre Study

Melbourne, Australia
Queensland Investment Corporation
Project 2000

The Ringwood Town Centre Study involved an integrated town centre proposal reinforcing the link between Eastland Shopping Centre and a new upgraded modal interchange based on nearby Ringwood Station.

Residential, commercial and education uses are planned to be the main drivers, in conjunction with the required retail expansion of Eastland Shopping Centre.  A street based urban framework is proposed together with an open space link.

Major uses include 45,000m² of retail over four levels, along with 19,000m² office, 16,000m² hotel and 33,000m² residential space.

Federation Square

Melbourne, Australia
City of Melbourne; Major Projects Victoria
Competition 1997

A major civic and arts precinct on the principal ceremonial axis of Melbourne, created to celebrate the centenary of Australia’s Federation in 2001.

Denton Corker Marshall was one of five practices shortlisted to participate in the second stage of the international competition for a new complex at the edge of Melbourne’s distinctive city grid.  The designed proposed  four integrated areas – a new civic square, a modern wintergarden, performance and exhibition facilities, and a cinematic centre.

The centrepiece of the design was a 100 metre transparent steel and glass tilting tower.  A symbolic gesture containing only a viewing platform, it paid respect to the cathedral spire adjacent and the nearby tower of the Arts Centre.  It would become an urban icon  /marker for Melbourne focussed on a narrative about the Federation of Australia.

Parliamentary Zone Development Plan Studies

Canberra, Australia
National Capital Development Commission
Project 1982 – 1984

A series of studies examining planning, building and landscape options for the land axis and Parliamentary Triangle Zone between Lake Burley Griffin and Provisional Parliament House, Canberra.

These design studies explored the relationships of buildings – the High Court, National Gallery, National Library and proposed Archives Building – to a eucalypt-lined vehicular mall with grassed central axis, and the lakeshore edge as a pedestrian promenade.

In association with Tract.

Australian War Memorial Masterplan

Canberra, Australia
Australian War Memorial
Project 1984

A masterplan for the development of the Australian War Memorial to allow for the siting of a series of new buildings within the highly sensitive war memorial precinct, centred on the land axis at the end of Anzac Parade in Canberra.

The masterplan proposed a composition of three new buildings wrapping around the back of the Australian War Memorial, each intently designed with deference to the existing landmark.  Over a 26 year period, the buildings, along with other studies, were progressively realised by Denton Corker Marshall.

The first was the Administration Building.  The rectangular plan form of the building contains a central courtyard on two levels with a half-basement.  The fan-shaped Anzac Hall comprises a long solid concrete wall that tapers dramatically to a thin edge at each end and the C.E.W. Bean Building, housing archive and research facilities, is a concrete block monolith bedded into the landscape behind an existing stone embankment.

South Bank Milton Reach

Brisbane, Australia
Project 2012

CSIRO Black Mountain Masterplan

Canberra, Australia
Project 2013

Werribee City Vision + Concept Plan

Melbourne, Australia
Project 2011

Docklands Sporting + Community Facility Study

Melbourne, Australia
Project 2011

Daxing International Plaza Masterplan

Beijing, China
Project 2010

Hamilton Gallery Masterplan + Business Case

Victoria, Australia
Southern Grampians Shire Council
Project 2018

Denton Corker Marshall was engaged to create a masterplan and business case for the new Hamilton Gallery.  The new Gallery will capitalise on its location between the Grampians and the Great Ocean Road to become a key anchor for a regional tourism, revitalising the town and surrounding region.


Mawson Lakes Campus Masterplan, University of South Australia

Adelaide, Australia
Project 1998 – 2008

Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town Tower

Hangzhou, China
Project 2008


Sunshine 100, Changsha Leepo Masterplan

Changsha, China
Project 2007

Euro City Plaza Masterplan

Nanning, China
Project 2001 – 2007

Liuzhou City Plaza Masterplan

Liuzhou, China
Project 2006

Newport Quays

Adelaide, Australia
Project 2006

Federation Square East, ANZ

Melbourne, Australia
Project 2006

Sunshine 100, Tianjin International New Town Masterplan

Tianjin, China
Project 2002 – 2006

Sunshine 100, Nanning Shandong International

Nanning, China
Project 2005

Yantai City Plaza Masterplan

Yantai, China
Project 2005

Tooronga Village Masterplan

Melbourne, Australia
Competition 2004

Chongqing City Plaza Masterplan

Chongqing, China
Project 2004

Shenyang International New Town

Shenyang, China
Project 2004

Xiang Shan Residential Development

Beijing, China
Project 2002 – 2004

Jinan Masterplan

Jinan, China
Project 2001 – 2004

Behai Tourist Development Planning

Behai, China
Competition 2001

Federation Square East, Multiplex

Melbourne, Australia
Project 2000 – 2001

Singapore Polytechnic Masterplan

Project 1999

Paya Lebar Masterplan

Project 1997 – 1999

Millennium Plaza Study

Warsaw, Poland
Project 1998

Wilanow Historic Area Planning Scheme

Warsaw, Poland
Competition 1996

Saigon River City Masterplan

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Project 1996

Sabah Tourism Development Plan

Sabah, Malaysia
Project 1994

Walsh Bay Study

Sydney, Australia
Project 1994